Big Mak Contest Week 2 Top 15 Contestants

Big Mak Blog Contest, the biggest contest for 2009 with $200 cash prize, 108K EC credits and more. I was supposed to post the ranking for the first week but eventually forgot about it. Anyway, here is the current standing of the top 15 contestants. I won’t show though the names to make it more exciting. From the figures displayed, it looks like a close fight for the top 7 contestants. I am excited on who will win the 1st prize.

1. 481 points
2. 480 points
3. 232 points
4. 218 points
5. 197 points
6. 140 points
7. 94 points
8. 48 points
9. 43 points
10. 42 points
11. 36 points
12. 34 points
13. 34 points
14. 33 points
15. 33 points

I have additional ways to earn points by the way. Here are the new ones:

1. Make a vlog entry in your blog answering this question: What “something big” are you expecting this 2009? (5 points) Say something about the contest and indicate the URL. Vlog should run from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2. Submit Makoy’s new posts in Digg = 3 points (your username should appear as the one who submitted the post)

3. Twitter Makoy’s new posts for 2 points each.

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Big Mak Contest Week 4 Top 15 Contestants

Hello again to all Big Mak contestants. Today is week 4 of my contest and 9 more days to go and the contest will be over. This week, we have 11 new contestants making a grand total of 59 contestants. Thank you again to all of you and to the “suki.” Are you feeling the excitement of this contest or what? On my part, it is exciting and at the same time toxic. Starting yesterday, I have been receiving floods of comments. I know it is included in the mechanics and I have to live with it and just tabulate. Exciting coz new names are surfacing and it seems like a big battle for the top 5 contestants. Who will win? Hmm…

I have to be honest that it feels weird that some of you are getting to know me more because of what I write. I just want to take this opportunity to know all of you and to be friends as well. That would be nice especially I am away from my family and friends in the Philippines.

Back to the floods of comments, just for today I received more than 200 comments. Would you believe that? Some are really fighting to win.

Join The Big Mak Blog Contest

n celebration of the Year of the Ox, I am having the BIGGEST blog contest for 2009. The contest which is titled, “Big Mak Blog Contest” will have a total of $200 cash prize, 108,000 EC credits, tons of ad spots, Blogging from Home book from Janette Toral and one year of domain hosting.


You have 12 options to earn points and raffle entries in the Big Mak Blog Contest. You can choose any of the 12 options or do all. BTW, anyone who has a blog can join especially the sponsors. If you are joining, #1 is required. If you just post the contest badge and Twitter, that is not counted.

1. Make a post in your blog with the answer to this question: What “something big” are you expecting this 2009? = 2 points (required)

2. Include Big Mak Blog Contest’s mechanics and the complete list of sponsors (do follow) in your post in #1 = 5 points. Here is the code of prizes for easy copying. (optional)

Singapore Beggar

Novena MRT since that is the closest church near our new place. We arrived there before 6 P.M. and were surprised that the mass already started. We were then informed by the church’s brochure that the mass every Sunday is at 5:30 P.M. Novena church even has a Filipino mass every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. That I would look forward to.

After the mass, we have decided to have our dinner at the mall near the Novena MRT (Novena Squuare). We have decided to eat at Burger King. The last time I ate in Burger King was the time I watched Sex And The City at Glorietta 4 in the Philippines. Waah! I miss the Philippines!

Anyway, I had the BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss combo. It’s just frustrating that I queued on the slowest counter. I was done with my food when suddenly a Singaporean guy approached me and with no consent grabbed my hand and made a plead to give him 2 dollars for him to eat. This beggar looked fine to me. He even looked stuffed and belonged to the middle class. Instead of giving him 2 dollars, I gave him 1 dollar and insisted that 1 dollar is only I can offer. He then went to my friend to ask for a dollar. That guy was freaky!

After his pleading incident to us, he went to the next table to ask for another 2 dollars. Now, that’s what I call business. After he was dismissed by his fellow Singaporeans in Burger King, he went to plead to Long John Silver to ask for money. Tsk tsk tsk.

A Buyers Agent Melbourne For Every Single Budget

Many things go into finding the right home. One of the most important is having a home that fits into any budget. A good housing budget is one that takes into account many factors at the same time. For each buyer, deciding on the kind of budget they need is one of the first steps they need to take in order to get the home they want. A buyers advocate Melbourne can help anyone find the right housing for the budget they have in mind. The buyers advocate Melbourne is someone who understands all aspects of the housing market in Melbourne.

Narrowing Things Down

For many people, the question is what they want, where they want it and why they want it. A Buyer Marketing Buyers Advocates can help them decide on all of these questions. The buyers advocate Melbourne can offer them information about all pricing options. The buyers advocate Melbourne can also offer them the kind of help they need in deciding what they can afford in any part of Melbourne. A buyers advocate Melbourne can also help anyone decide if they want to stretch the budget and perhaps buy something they really want even if it’s slightly out of their reach right now. The buyers advocate Melbourne can help them figure out what is going to work for their budget and why. The buyers advocate Melbourne can also show them the high end of their price range as well as far more affordable properties.

Getting a Budget in Place

Getting a budget in place can take a lot of effort. Every single person has to think about what kind of budget they want before they begin. Someone might have a lot of savings and a large nest egg. They might want to spend a significant chunk of this budget on the housing they like best. This can mean many things to many people. Having the budget work for them is one thing that any buyers advocate Melbourne can help them decide even before they set foot in a home. They can show them why it might make sense to buy under a certain price point or consider spending more money in order to get luxury housing options that can make their lives easier and less stressful.

Knowing What People Want

Knowing what people want and why is half the process of buying a home. A buyers advocate Melbourne can help anyone get that process going and make sure they like the end result. This is why so many people have turned to them for help in order to figure out this important step in life. An agent can offer the kind of insights that are so necessary when it comes to buying their home and making it all work in the end. The agent is someone who knows the process and knows the kind of budget that people need to make their housing options happen. A good budget can be there for them with their specialized personal help.

A Buyers Agent Melbourne is a True Resource Person

For so many people, a home is so much. It’s where they live. It is also where they make memories. For many people, that home is also a source of financial freedom. Having a home that meets all of these criteria is vitally important. At the same time, buying that home can take a lot of time and effort. This is where it is important to have someone on their side who knows the process and understands how to make it work for them. The buyers agent Melbourne from is someone who can act as their resource person and help them find the home they want.

Figuring it Out

Figuring out what to get done is not always easy. This is where the buyers agent Melbourne can step up. The buyers agent Melbourne can be there to sort out this process well. A buyers agent Melbourne can offer them the help and support they want and need most. The buyers agent Melbourne can help them figure out what is going to work best in their personal situation and why. For example, a buyers agent Melbourne can offer them the support they want and answer any questions they might have. The buyers agent Melbourne can respond to any issues that might arise as it goes along and help them feel confident they are making the right choice when it comes to the kind of housing they would like to have as they look over available properties.

The Start

From the very start, a buyers agent Melbourne can be there to help them think about the kind of housing that is going to work for them. For example, right now someone might be single. The buyers agent Melbourne can be there to show what’s going on in the housing market that is designed for the single person. Getting this process along on the right foot is one that can make it all go well. The buyers agent Melbourne can help them realize what they need in any kind of housing they might find on the market right now. For example, someone might have heard about the housing market in Melbourne and might have some ideas about what is going to work for them. The agent can help them narrow down such choices in full.

Making it Work

Making it work from every angle is where the agent can step up. They can help them realize what they need to do and why they need to get it done. An agent can let them sort through the process on their own terms. The agent can offer the kind of help that can make any person feel they know what’s going on during the process and why it’s happening. This is why so many people have chosen to turn to them for help. The agent is there to let them discover what is right when it comes to housing choices. An agent is the resource person every single buyer needs in life for help now.

Working With a Buyers Advocate Melbourne Ensures Professional Service

Professionals are those who serve so many purposes. A professional is someone people can turn to for help in every way. This is true when it comes to buying real estate. A buyers advocate Melbourne is someone there to help any buyer and offer the professional service they really need. When people look for homes in this part of the world, they are often finding the process deeply confusing. Working with a buyers advocate Melbourne from Buyer Marketing can offer the help they need in order to find what they want and where they want it. The buyers advocate Melbourne is someone who must pass many hurdles in order to enter this highly respected profession.

Working With Buyers

Over the course of their career, a buyers advocate Melbourne will learn to absorb a great deal of information. The buyers advocate Melbourne must establish an understanding of the world of real estate in this part of the world. This mean that all buyers advocate Melbourne must be aware of the kind of information that goes into helping any person buy property in this part of Australia. The buyers advocate Melbourne knows each person has to think about many factors including the kind of budget they would like to use to buy housing as well as the areas they like most. This kind of knowledge is something that all buyers advocate Melbourne develop over time. It is also the kind of understanding the best buyers advocate Melbourne is always working on during all phases of their career.

Caring About Results

A buyers advocate Melbourne is someone who wants to help every single buyer find the right place for them to live. They know that each client is on a journey of discovery and ready to look for a place to live it out. They are people who know that every single property is right for one buyer somewhere. Finding that right buyer for that right person is how they get things done in life. They see what a buyer wants and spend lots of time looking for ways to bring it to them. This is a process that allows them to consider many aspects of any property including the price, the interior spaces and the kind of amenities that come along with owning it.

Helping People

The end result when people choose to work with an agent is having someone who can be there to help them get exactly what they want. Every single person can have someone on their side to suggest things they might not know about the regional housing market. For example, it is not readily apparent to many people if the market is one that is favorable to sellers or to buyers. The agent can answer this question and help them figure out what steps are necessary to respond to it. They can ferret out properties are just coming on the market. This makes them a good choice for anyone who wants a professional there to help with this complicated process.

A Buyers Agent Melbourne Can Get The Home of Your Dreams

A buyers agent Melbourne can help anyone with so many things when it comes to buying or selling a home. Many people have a dream home in mind. That dream home may include lots of room for guests and friends. It may include a place by the sea. The buyers agent Melbourne can help with all of these plans. The buyers agent Melbourne is the person that people can turn to when it comes to thinking about what they want and how to get it. The buyers agent Melbourne is a highly specific specialist who understands the market. When people turn to the buyers agent Melbourne, the buyers agent Melbourne from is someone who can help them understand the current market for housing and how it can be used to their advantage.

What They Want

What people want when they consult with a buyers agent Melbourne will vary from person to person. Some people may consult with a buyers agent Melbourne because they are not quite sure what they want. Others have a unique vision of the home they want before they buy it. This is where the buyers agent Melbourne can be of assistance. They understand plans in life. One person may be starting a family and want the perfect home to welcome that new life to their life. Another person may be on the verge of retirement. They want a home that lets them fully enjoy this time in their lives in a great location. It’s all possible with help from a buyers agent Melbourne.

Working it Out

Working it out can be done with careful consideration. It all starts by thinking about what each person wants from the buying process. For some people, this is a chance to get a blank slate. They want to have a site in the right location. Then, they can get started on the home they have in mind. Others have a different idea when it comes to the kind of work they want to do to get their home up and running. They want a home that is fully done for them. Their goal is to have a home that is totally move in ready before they buy. Both buyers can get the kind of help they want and need from a skilled and thoughtful professional.

A Home Of Your Own

The real aim is to have a home of your own. Working with an agent can make this process an easy one that makes sense and allows the home buyer to have the space they like best. The goal is to get it all done and get it done as quickly as possible. This is why working with an agent of this kind is the best possible choice. Working with someone who knows the market this well and understands the kinds of housing available is an ideal choice for anyone of any background. It’s the best way to get this process done and find that true dream home everyone really wants.