Big Mak Contest Week 4 Top 15 Contestants

Hello again to all Big Mak contestants. Today is week 4 of my contest and 9 more days to go and the contest will be over. This week, we have 11 new contestants making a grand total of 59 contestants. Thank you again to all of you and to the “suki.” Are you feeling the excitement of this contest or what? On my part, it is exciting and at the same time toxic. Starting yesterday, I have been receiving floods of comments. I know it is included in the mechanics and I have to live with it and just tabulate. Exciting coz new names are surfacing and it seems like a big battle for the top 5 contestants. Who will win? Hmm…

I have to be honest that it feels weird that some of you are getting to know me more because of what I write. I just want to take this opportunity to know all of you and to be friends as well. That would be nice especially I am away from my family and friends in the Philippines.

Back to the floods of comments, just for today I received more than 200 comments. Would you believe that? Some are really fighting to win.