Singapore Beggar

Novena MRT since that is the closest church near our new place. We arrived there before 6 P.M. and were surprised that the mass already started. We were then informed by the church’s brochure that the mass every Sunday is at 5:30 P.M. Novena church even has a Filipino mass every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. That I would look forward to.

After the mass, we have decided to have our dinner at the mall near the Novena MRT (Novena Squuare). We have decided to eat at Burger King. The last time I ate in Burger King was the time I watched Sex And The City at Glorietta 4 in the Philippines. Waah! I miss the Philippines!

Anyway, I had the BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss combo. It’s just frustrating that I queued on the slowest counter. I was done with my food when suddenly a Singaporean guy approached me and with no consent grabbed my hand and made a plead to give him 2 dollars for him to eat. This beggar looked fine to me. He even looked stuffed and belonged to the middle class. Instead of giving him 2 dollars, I gave him 1 dollar and insisted that 1 dollar is only I can offer. He then went to my friend to ask for a dollar. That guy was freaky!

After his pleading incident to us, he went to the next table to ask for another 2 dollars. Now, that’s what I call business. After he was dismissed by his fellow Singaporeans in Burger King, he went to plead to Long John Silver to ask for money. Tsk tsk tsk.